The Essence of Treating, Curing and Healing Your Dog

The Essence of Treating, Curing and Healing Your Dog

We craft our products from the finest Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils. 

Essential Oils are plant, flower and wood essences, essentially the element produced within a particular plant which boosts its own immunity. When these essences are extracted, as they have been for thousands of years, they become the base of everyday items we all use, including pharmaceuticals, food and beverage flavorings, fragrances and beauty products. Essential Oils used on their own or blended with neutral “carriers” can be extremely healing, and can often be used to naturally and safely treat our dogs’ ailments.

Several years ago after trying 3 veterinarians and a dog acupuncturist for a “Hot Spot’ issue, I took matters into my own hands. As the antibiotics and steroids prescribed were not healing my dog at all (and even causing seizures, vomiting and near-death experiences), I began to study and learn how to treat my dog naturally using Essential Oils. Since the mid- 2010s, I have been a doTerra Essential Oils Wellness Advocate. Taking the knowledge I built up over the years and working with dog-safe oils, I created specific blends to treat her. Long story short, Sadie’s Hot Spots healed. And never came back. People noticed, including the owner of BowWowMeow in San Francisco, for whom we created our first line of products.

Since then we have expanded our offering and are continually developing. In 2019 I moved to France, where the re-discovery of Essential Oils happened in the 1910s. Therapy using Essential Oils is extremely popular in France and because of this the knowledge base is strong. We source some of our base products (mainly our Lavender and Thyme) from Provence. We also work with professional formulators specializing in canines. 

All of our products are Dog-Safe diluted, and safe for humans too.

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