Sadie "Pooey"

To the one who created 1000 smiles a day.

The "cotton ball" who knew I was her mama from day one.

Who fit in the palm of my hand for just 3 weeks

Then grew to 85 pounds!

To my favorite travel companion who showed me every park, lake and green spot, who loved to explore.

To the one with a perfect "horse jump".

To the one who loved swimming, rolling in the sand

And being groomed after becoming filthy dirty!

To the mantras of' "pitter-patter" and "crunch-crunch-crunch", My house is silent without you!

To the one who showed me patience, unconditional love.

Who made me a "nicer" person

And smelled like a wool sweater

I miss taking care of you!

Trying not to hold on too tight

I know I never owned you.

The breath of life was leaving.

We asked Osho and

Your paw told me.

We meditated, listened to mantras

Lit candles, said our goodbyes....

For just one moment you showed resistance.

You did not want to leave me.

Then you curled up in your favorite place by the window.

I opened the door - you loved cool breezes!

You surrendered beautifully, peacefully

To the inhale of God!

We felt you in our hearts.

Two nights later, 2am

I heard an unfamiliar sound -

It was a Mourning Dove Cooing

Just like you used to howl!

It now coos every night

And I know you're here with me still.

To the one, the thread holding my heart together

Thank you!