Dog Love Essential Oils, “Love in a Bottle”.

Dog Love Essential Oils is a dedication to the dogs in our lives who constantly provide unconditional love. The dogs who greet us when we get home, always happy. The dogs who walk with us in the rain, run with us on the beach, who are there through joy and pain. And especially to the dogs who provide warmth each day and night just by being there. This is dedicated to the dogs who bring us back into the present moment, showing us they are there, and that they need us. To the dogs who are sitting with us now, to those that have passed and have yet to be born, this is a dedication of our love for you.

  • Dog Love Essential Oils is a line of essential oil blends created with Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils.
  • We use only the highest quality ingredients.
  • All Dog Love Essential Oils products are safe for both dogs and humans!
  • We have developed several natural solutions to treat and heal your dog.
  • Use these blends to naturally and actively cure and care for your dog, your best friend!

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How it all began…

“His hot spots literally healed with your treatments. They are amazing! No drugs or nasty ointments!”