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Meet Sadie “Pooey” (2009-2020)

Sadie's Story

In 2009 I, by surprise, got the sweetest, cutest animal who forever changed me. When a Goldendoodle Puppy came into my life at 8 weeks old my heart opened and I finally understood what unconditional love is. To the day she passed on November 4, 2020, Sadie “Pooey” remained my best friend.

In being with my canine companion I witnessed life’s passing by the number of years I had her, savouring each day, making them count.

When she turned 8, (56 Dog Years), she began to develop a mysterious skin condition, where she would pick at itchy parts of her skin (these parts would turn red and irritated, then eventually heal).

Out of love for my baby, I visited numerous veterinarians and even a dog acupuncturist in San Francisco looking for a solution.

We tried pills: steroids then antibiotics. Sadie had seizures from the former, and the latter almost killed her - she could not walk after taking these medications.

Feeling desperate, I contacted her breeder, who recommended a synthetic, chemical solution. The breeder told me these “Hot Spots” were a symptom common in larger dogs, especially Poodles and Retrievers.

I used Vetericyn for a few months, however, at the same time, I had been working and selling oils for doTerra. Over the years I’d been dealing with Pooey’s skin condition, I’d also been using Essential Oils to help myself and other family members. One day I had an idea to make some blends for her. Taking my existing knowledge of the oils, and what worked for humans, I started experimenting, solely using oils safe for canines. The solutions worked. The hot spots not only came under control, they went away permanently!

When Amy, one of the owners of our local pet store in San Francisco (BowWowMeow) saw Pooey after I’d been treating her with these oil blends for several weeks, she asked how she could sell them in her store. At that point we realized we could help other pet owners, and launched our line of Dog Love Essential Oils.

Since 2019 we have developed additional formulas to help treat your pup. From flea & tick prevention to sore joint spray and ear cleaner, we have the natural solutions you need to care for and heal your canine companion.

We cannot prevent our best friends from getting older, however we can make the ageing process happen beautifully, comfortably and gracefully for them.

Whenever it was time for Pooey’s “oil practice”, she would always get comfortable, relaxed and ready for her “spa” treatment. I began to look at this as a time to “actively love” and care for my dog.

And the rest is history.

Dog Love Oils - “Love in a Bottle”.