• Dog Love Eye Elixir

    • Does your dog have “stains” around his eyes, or on her body?
    • Does nothing the vet gives you seem to work to help the stains fade?

    Try our solutions to help lessen the effects of “teardrops” around the eyes, and to help minimize and prevent “staining” on all parts of the body.

    **Homeostasis is the innate ability to maintain a stable, balanced environment within the internal organs. It is a state of equilibrium which affects temperature regulation, metabolism, digestion, and brain function

    Active Ingredients
    Lavender, Citrus, Roman Chamomile, Lavandin, with Rosehip Seed

  • How To Use:

    • Shake well.
    • Massage 1-2 drops around your dog’s eye area, or any part of the body that has been "stained".