Dog Love Oils in the Press

  • Wear Wag Repeat PODCAST EPISODE 228:

    “Healing Essential Oils for Dogs with Sara Grace Newhall of Dog Love Oils”

  • "This Hot Spot literally healed with your treatments. It's amazing! No drugs or nasty it!"

    — Nadia, Pup Owner

  • "I love sampling all of the different blends with this kit. It's a great way to see which ones you and your dog love best. My favorite thing is that my dogs and I can share a lot of the oils and all get the benefits!"

    — Online Order 5 Star Review

  • "I adopted my dog from Thailand and he has always had joint issues, especially in his hips. My vet recommeded that I massage the "Sore Joint Spray" on his hip every night before bed. Being the skeptic that I am, I was actually amazed to see how Dog Love Oil's product helped alleviate his limp, and improve his overall mobility. Thank you Dog Love Oils."

    — Happy Customer

  • "I have been loving the oils and took the Hot Spot Spray on vacation to use as a preventative for Lucy's hot spots. This was probably our first Summer vacation where she didn't get a hot spot!

    — Tori, Labrador Mom